Averting disasters requires knowing what CAN happen - Locally identify hazards, remove or mitigate them.
Global reinsurers need to know.  Failing can cost trillions.                Register your local risks today.
Avert Alert​​

Reinsurance Disaster-Mitigation by Acquisition Consortium

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Avert Alert Reinsurance Disaster-Mitigation by Acquisition Consortium (ARDMAC) Solutions 
      On this page you will find major opportunities for venture capital, catastrophe bonds, stock investment for changing or buying out polluters, new television networks and personal media shows, and other innovation opportunities for lowering risk, increasing stability for an economically sustainable future, and promoting  responsibility in freedom.  

WARNING SHOT, is a motion picture production company engaged in pre-production of 19 Minutes on The Day . In partnership with Avert Alert Disaster Mitigation by Acquisition Consortium (ARDMAC), for films which publicize previously unrecognized hazards to millions of people.  
Analysts working for Avert Alert and with Warning Shot, provide the systems analysis on which the scripts are written.  Consultants with edge understanding of these areas are obtained to verify the science on which the plot is developed.  Qualified individuals are invited to contact us by email for work on future productions, now being planned. 
Saviation was founded to solve the problems which are killing people today in aviation which can be solved with aviation.    

Business Plan



FREEDOM TV NETWORKS  is comprised of elevent separate networks producing shows utilizing interactive, audience participation, technology.  Shows include politics, finance, cause marketing, art and commerce, news, with investigative reporting, and more.  Contact through their website at:
  Freedom TV Networks
Investment Opportunity

Patent License has 12 years still to run, $500,000 Capital required to start manufacturing and sales to propane retail industries. Six methods for target markets. Large ROIs awaits, Format of business plan in grant request form to the Propane Rducation Research Council (PERC) showing:   

How to recover 200,000,000 LBS of Propane in transfer fills per year after year for resale.

Help the environment for fun and profit! 

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